Impacting the orphans of Haiti by changing lives through God's Word.




We were able to deliver clothing to the children along with conducting a Vacation Bible School (VBS) lesson each day and doing crafts.


The team came from all over the United States and met each other for the first time in Haiti. With various ages, backgrounds, professions, and skills, God used and allowed the team to deliver the hope and love of Jesus Christ to the children.


Three of the team members were seasoned teachers that used their talents to teach the children English. Another team member who runs a building company spent time leading a team buildng tables and benches for the children.


As a wonderful treat for the children, we were able to take them to the beach for a fun and exciting day of play.


If you're interested in joining us, please contact us. The children would love to meet you. Many of us go to be a blessing to the children and each trip we find the children are such a blessing to us.

Electricians started wiring the building for solar panels and the children were excited to receive their new clothing.


During the trip, we also had a medical clinic at the orphanage and opened it to the surrounding communities, serving atleast 60 people of all ages.


We received a donation to purchase a desk for each student. Autumn handed out embroidered fleece blankets, pillows and pillowcases all donated by her family. A teen from New Hope in Cape Coral, Florida brought a yo-yo for each child and dazzled them with her skills along with taught them the basics of playing with a yo-yo. The children loved it.


God's Word was shared with children each day. The team had a wonderful time and like with each trip, the team was overwhelmed with how much love they received from the children. God be praised.